This page is set to protect you (the client) and us (the valeting company).


Please note that if you use services from Albert Pilkington (Time to shine Detailing) then must contact them direct on for full details on refunds, cookie policies,complaints and privacy information. 


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If you feel our services were not up to 100% satisfactory standard then you can contact either VIP Detail (07934528996) or Time to shine detailing ( 07495 538522) via our phone number which is 07934528996. To make a complaint all calls must be made within 24 hours of the Valet being done.


If you feel that one or more aspect of your valet wasn’t carried out properly then may be entitled to a partial refund. For example if your paintwork wasn’t fully protect you may be entitled to receive a partial refund for the part of the service which was defective. Depending on who valeted your car either VIP Detail (07934528996) or Time to shine detailing

(07495 538522)

We have a fixed list of services and our (price from) is made clear on our services page. Prices vary based on condition of your car. All estimates made over the phone may be subject to change upon arrival. You have the right to cancel if you feel the estimate is different to actual inspection. We will always be honest and try to be as accurate as possible.

If both parties (client & Vip detail) except that a mistake was made by us then a partial refund. A refund can be made by us from either Payment to bank, cheque, credit or even a voucher. Whichever is best and the most fairest way.

Refunds are not available if a car has been used thoroughly. For example lets say we clean crumbs up then the client gets in the car and drops more crumbs. (this will not be acceptable for a refund) Once the job is finished you must inspect the car and we will give you a full breakdown of everything we have done).

Booking your valet:

Vip detail reserves the right to cancel any job at any time. We always aim to give as much notice as possible. This is because our business is determined by the  weather. Things such as freezing conditions, Heavy rain or above average heat can delay us and force us to rearrange a visit.

Odour Removal policy:

Vip Detail is not liable for any odours your car/cars. Our services do not cover odour removal. We can certainly improve the smell of any car but we won’t guarantee for a 100% odour removal. No refund can be made against odour removal as this is not a service that we offer. By booking a valet or detailing service with us we assume you fully understand this part of the terms set out by us.

Services Which may not be available to Clients:

We reserve the right to refuse the following types of service. Clean up of Milk Spillages, Oil or chemical Spillages & Blood or vomit. If a client fails to inform us of these then we will have no choice but to cancel the valet. Excrement is a big no no. We will not touch any car that has any animal or human feces.  At no time will undertake a job purely to clean up any of these spillages.

We may however undertake a minor clean up of non hazardous spillages such as milk or liquid food but will not remove any seating.

Using alternative products:

Vip Detail reserves the right to change our products at any time. We only ever replace a product with an even better product. We spend a large amount of time researching the latest polishes and cleaners to always improve the service.

Use of taking pictures:

We may take photos of your vehicle for promotional use on the website. If you do not wish for us to take pictures then you must notify us immediately before the job starts. If you don’t notify us then we assume you agree to allow us to post pictures. For example Before and after pictures.

Agreeing to our terms

By booking us you agree to all of our terms set out on this page & you fully understand everything to its full on this website. Every customer that calls us will instructed to visit the website & by visiting this website we will assume that you have taken the time to study all the differences with our prices.


By Booking a valeting service with Albert Pilkington (time to shine detailing) we assume you (the customer) fully read this terms and conditions page. This Website VIP Detail is promoting Time to shine detailing to support a local company. VIP Detail is not responsible for any valets carried out by Time to shine detailing.