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Here at VIP Detail we like to offer that extra special something which other companies may not wish to offer so please take a look at the other various extras available for your car.

Caliper Painting

Brake Caliper Painting - Wheels removed. Calipers cleaned a painted to a colour of your choosing.



Wheel Hub Painting

Wheel hub painting – Wheels of hubs prepared with wire brush/wool and cleaned to remove all loose debris and contaminates primed then sprayed with desired colour (pre decided)  


Wheels Off Detailing

Alloy wheel detailing – wheels off deep clean of entire alloy and inner rim removing all road contaminates and brake dust etc



Extras Wheel Special offer: Pick 2 of the 3 services for just £280

Air Conditioning Cleaning From £50

Sometimes, when your car air conditioning system is on, and the windows are down, you can smell something odd. A musty smell. That smell is caused by a build up of mould and bacteria on the evaporator and needs treating.

Engine Bay Detailing Costs From £50

Engine bay degreased / cleaned as a single job - £80 or as an extra on a valet - £50 Please note prices are from and not set at the same rate as all engines are different. Please email us for a quote or send some picture via whatsapp.

Car Health Check

Car health check - screen wash topped up, oil level check and advise, all fluid levels checked and advise, tyre air pressure checked and topped up to correct PSI, tyre treads depth read and advised. Full report and readings left with customer - £30 (can only be booked in conjunction with any other of our services)

Headlight Restoration

Prices for headlight restoration vary based on how minor or major the damage is so we normally quote on consultation.


Call now for a price

Convertible Roof Protection

Protect the roof of your convertible car with our tough treatment. We clean the roof first with a safe non acid chemical before applying the protective sealant.


Prices from £75 

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